Helhund Realms
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The valley of the Helhunds. A wide vale, white with snow and the dotting of thick pine forests. The place is filled with animals who wander restricted by the laws of nature. None who kill are without judgement, the judges are the Hunds of Lady Hel.
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PostSubject: RULES/JOINING   RULES/JOINING EmptyFri Sep 30, 2011 7:31 pm

TO JOIN : you must be a Member of Deciantart, or have prior permission otherwise. you can message me <a href="http://cheshiresmile.deviantart.com" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">THESTORY</a> , or email me from <a href="http://www.wix.com/cheshiresmile7/cheshiresmiles#!thestory" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">THESTORY</a>


We accept all art forms here! You can draw, write stories, or role play with us to develop your helhunds. But remember that the helhunds are a species that comes from <a href="http://www.wix.com/cheshiresmile7/cheshiresmiles#!thestory" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">THESTORY</a> and i consider each of them a part of the canon. So respect the parameters of there specially designed universe.

You May design your own Helhund as long as it fits the structures required of Their Species, Markings red, Brown, Black, and sometimes green or other pigments if cleverly taken from plantlife. However, keep in mind the Blue helhunds are exclusive to Admin Creation, due to their differences in Origin. To obtain a blue helhund you can enter contests, or other special events.

To have strange pelt markings. (Scars, Tattoos, Tiger stripes, Zebra stripes, Leopard spots, giraffe spots, etc) as long as it stays true to the above mentioned.

To have a bizarre eye coloring. (Any color you want, though light blue is standard)

Deformities / Handicaps are encouraged.

Be any species of animal that would inhabit The valley. (since its snowy you are restricted to most arctic circle animals, as well as those that inhabit colder areas or mountains. Some other creatures may pass the threshold and find themselves in The Valley, but be reasonable )

Jewelry is okay (Piercings, Bracelets, Necklaces, etc) HOWEVER, there MUST be a back story for each thing, and must be rational.

The Sillier the names, the better, you can name your hund, or other animal anything you want as long as it is not disrespectful or inappropriate. (if you wonder, ask and you'll find out if its okay)

Tattoos/Symbols are encouraged, however, please have a back story written as with items.


PLEASE have an artistic example of your hund. Some kind of reference, and possibly a pretty good biography, (though most of the animals found in the valley wil have been born there)

PLEASE do not spread your helhund to forums, or sites that are not supported by TheSTORY.

You can NOT have any human language skills. This a firm rule, please don't break it. (You will never encounter them here.)

You can NOT have any knowledge of Human technology. (This includes accessories, such as fancy hair styles, ipods, leg warmers, etc.)

You can NOT make any wolves, elk or other animals until you have a hund, unless you request special permission.

Please be respectful to everyone in the group, and maintain neighborly attitude when interacting.
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